Internship is a mandatory part of your programme.

Internship is rated either 15 or 30 ECTS points, corresponding to 10 or 20 weeks of full-time internship respectively. The working hours must be 37 hours per week.

The duration is stipulated by a departmental order on KEA’s programmes. This means that your internship cannot last less or more than 10 or 20 weeks.

As a starting point, the working hours should lie in the daytime on weekdays. However, the company and the intern can agree to place some of the hours in the evening or at the weekend.

If, for documented health reasons, you cannot do a 37-hour internship per week, you may apply for exemption for your internship to last more days but of shorter hours. Apply for exemption via SDBF.DK. You could also talk to KEA Study and Career Guidance before applying.

The programme curriculum lays down the time when your internship must take place. You cannot move your internship and do it at a different time.