Student life

Student life is something we create together!

When you engage in your studies, you have a unique opportunity to develop yourself personally and get unique ' hands-on ' experiences.

You'll also meet students from other programmes and nationalities and expand your network!

At KEA Student Life, we bring power to your student life and invite you to events, parties, sporting events and much more.

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Events and parties

You are invited to a wide selection of social and festive events!

Inputs (yes please!)

If you have good ideas for events and parties, please share them with us.

We are more than ready to make your dreams come true!

Write to KEA Student life on


Semester start party

Every semester we invite you to a blast of a party for all KEA's students. In keeping with tradition, the party is held at Docken, where enticing rhythms and swaying palm trees set the standard.

Check calendar for the next date.



Come and join the annual KEA Cup, where students across KEA can test their skills on the football field.

We provide good atmosphere, big trophies and glory for the winning team. The players need all the support they can get, so please stop by and cheer your favourite team on from the side lines.

Check calendar for the next date.

Kea Cup

KEA Talks

KEA Talks is a series of professional yet laid-back presentations inspired by TED Talks on topics such as business, technology and design.

It is free to attend the event and of course we provide coffee and cake. All you have to do is sit back, soak up knowledge and ask questions if you like.

Do you want to give a presentation to KEA Talks or do you know anyone who might be interesting to get hold of? Write to  

Check calendar for the next date.

Kea Talks

Cake Extravaganza

Imagine a huge cake table filled with the most delicious cakes that Danish gastronomy has to offer - then you have the framework for Cake Extravaganza.

Twice a year you can put your teeth in everything from layer cake and raspberry slices to pastry men and rum balls while enjoying a board game or two. Enjoy!

Check calendar for the next date.

Cake Extravaganza

Friday bar

At KEA there are four student-run bars, all of which hold a permanent Friday bar.

All KEA students are welcome at all bars!

Choose from Bar 37, Gold Bar, Moonbar or Monkeybar and enjoy a well-deserved beer – or two – with your fellow students.

Read more about the bars on


Join in!

Join student political and social activities

Four reasons to get involved!

  • Expand your social and professional network
  • Get skills and experience for your CV
  • Tons of fun experiences
  • Test your knowledge from the classroom in the real world

Student political activities

  • Student democracy and student political work are priorities at KEA.

    DSR – The Student Council - warrant an ongoing dialogue between KEA's management and KEA’s students to ensure that our study environment is inclusive and that our programmes are of high quality.

    DSR represent KEA students’ professional as well as social interests, giving the students direct influence.

    Among DSR’s focus areas are the programmes’ structure, intended learning outcome and course topics. They also deal with the social task of contributing to the establishment of a good study environment, at the individual programmes and across KEA’s departments. As to social activities, DSR collaborates with RUS (arrangements for first-year students) and KEA’s Friday Bars also run by engaged volunteer students.  Further, DSR is represented in the Education Committee and has a seat in KEA’s Board of Directors.

    Other than engaging in DSR, you can commit yourself as a SER (Study Environment Representative). SERs focus on the every-day life as a student at KEA. Every class at every programme has one or more SERs representing individual local interests at KEA. As such, SERs take part in the student political work at KEA.

    Organisation of student political work at KEA

    DSR Chairmanship: Consists of a chairman, a vice-chairman and a cashier. The DSR Chairmanship is the superior representative of DSR at KEA.

    DSR Council: Consists of the DSR Chairmanship and the chairman and vice-chairman of the 4 DSR local councils. This provides for a broad representation of students from KEA’s programmes in the DSR Council.

    DSR Local Councils: The 4 DSR local councils are the local councils for Build, Design, Tech and Digital. The Chairman and vice-chairman sit in the DSR Council. Each local council has its own decentral organisation, but as a minimum, they all have a chairman and a vice-chairman. Representatives for KEA's Education Committee are elected from among the students in the respective DSR Local Councils.

    SERs: SERs represent their individual class at the various programmes. Once every semester, the SERs meet with the DSR Local Council of the individual department at KEA.

    For futher information, contact

    Grants to the students' association

    Once a year, higher education institutions under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science are awarded a grant earmarked for the institution's student organisations.

    KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology has one independent student organisation, The Students' Association, which in the year 2018 received 100% of the grant from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

  • Have a direct impact on your study and learning environment, and help make your programme even better!

    As a Study Environment Representative (SER), you have the opportunity to participate actively in the work to make your programme and your study environment even better.

    You are the link between your fellow students and KEA and take the lead in the work to ensure the optimal educational and study environment of your programme.

    What are the tasks of a study environment representative?

    • You participate in meetings with management concerning education and study environment – and your opinion makes a difference
    • You can create the space for dialogue and focus on study-relevant topics, e.g. the quality of teaching, the physical study environment and well-being

    What do you get out of it?

    • You’ll have a direct impact on your study and learning environment
    • You’ll strengthen your network across KEA
    • You’ll develop your collaboration and dissemination skills
    • You'll be prepared for the task through courses
    • You’ll get skills you can use on your CV
    • You'll have the opportunity to test new sides of yourself

    Close cooperation with KEA Student life

    As SER, you are in close cooperation with KEA Student Life and the head of your programme. Here, you’ll be the voice of your team and further communicate the challenges and questions you encounter in your team community.

    If you can see yourself in the role of study environment representative, sign-up via the link below.

Social activities

  • At KEA, there are four student-run bars, all of which have a permanent Friday bar. The bars are run by committed students who want to create a festive and social framework for their fellow students.

    If you want to become part of a dynamic bar environment and help organise some cool events, then contact one of our four bars. We look forward to hearing from you!  


    Is a Friday bar focused on “hygge”, gaming, and cold beers at Lygten 37.

    Come join us!



    Offers a great atmosphere, beer pong and nice people - every Friday!

    Right in the heart of Nørrebro on Campus Guldbergsgade



    Moonbar is situated on Lygten 16 and every Friday it invites you to a blast of a party that is said to make you forget about the trivialities of everyday life!



    Monkeybar is situated in PCG and every Friday from 14-22 things get quite lively under the motto: Welcome to the jungle!



  • Do you want to help give the new students at KEA a study start they'll never forget? Then join the TUTOR team at KEA. We promise it's going to be a party!

    Write to and learn more about what each programme offers and become part of a social and relevant study start!

  • We can only encourage you to engage in different clubs and activities at KEA!

    When you join clubs, you become part of a social community and you will have the opportunity to expand your network and meet other students across program areas, nationalities and interests.

    Clubs at KEA are also a unique opportunity to grow as a human being - both professionally and personally.

    When you engage in voluntary activities during your studies, it also says something about you as a person. You show commitment, determination and willingness to take responsibility when necessary while supplementing your professional profile by acquiring tangible skills that you can write on your CV.

    If you can't find a club that suits your particular interests, keep in mind that it's as easy to start your own club as it is to sign up for one of the existing ones.

    You can be sure that we're with you all the way if you need good advice or support. If you want to set up an association, we offer legal advice.

    What to do if you want to start a club

    • Find a few fellow students who will support the club
    • Briefly describe what the club is all about
    • Specify which category best suits your club: 'Body & mind', 'Culture', 'Diversity', 'Leisure' or 'Professional'?
    • Send your description of the club to

    Your club will then be part of the Club Network, we’ll send out a welcome email to everyone in the network and register your contact information.

“As a volunteer, I've gotten to know a lot of people and I've learned a lot about myself and about starting an association”

- Tobias, BAR37

Your ideas

We support your ideas and dreams

What can we offer?

  • Various professional courses
  • Quick feedback and advice
  • Financial resources for projects
  • Course completion certificates

KEA Events

Do you dream of creating unorthodox events at KEA? And do you want to gain experience with project development, campaign planning and communication of events? In that case, KEA Events is just the thing you!

At KEA Events, you are part of a dedicated team of students, where you all contribute with your particular skills. Over a period of time, you will have the opportunity to develop a number of large and small events at KEA.

The event team even gets a sum of money to work with, and Student life, KEA Communication and KEA Library participate as sparring partners.

In order for you to make qualified decisions, you will also have the opportunity to participate in selected courses on project management, campaign planning, brainstorm/mind-map, budget planning, SurveyXact, interview technique, etc.

Of course, once you have completed the courses, you’ll get a certificate.

Our expectations of you

We expect you as a group to meet and talk regularly during the project period (i.e. 1-2 times a month depending on what the project needs during certain periods).

It is absolutely crucial for us that you do not downgrade your studies or end up feeling that your everyday life is under too much pressure.

Become part of KEA Events

Become a buddy


Become a BUDDY at KEA

Every semester, a new team of expectant international students begin their studies at KEA. They are new in Denmark and on the programmes and look forward to becoming part of a larger social network.

The Buddy team makes sure that the students get off to a good start and are shown around Copenhagen and at KEA. The team points out good bars, hangs out with the students and gives them an insight into the sweet Copenhagener and KEA life.

As a buddy, you and minimum one other current KEA student will add up to a dynamic buddy team. Together, you will help a small group of 4-6 new international students become accustomed to KEA and Copenhagen.

When you sign up as a buddy, you commit to the following:

  • Contact the international students who was assigned to you and your buddy-team
  • Give a tour around KEA, and help with general questions
  • Show them the everyday life as a student at KEA
  • Hang out with your buddy-team and make them feel comfortable

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact KEA Student Life at

Hvem er KEA Studieliv

Hvem er KEA Studieliv

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Dine repræsentanter i DSR

Annette Havkær
Annette Havkær
Head of Programme
Claudio Spaziani Testa
Claudio Spaziani Testa
Head of Programme
Frederikke Bender
Frederikke Bender
Head of Programme
Jesper Nordentoft
Jesper Nordentoft
Head of Programme
Louise Boel
Louise Boel
Head of Programme