As of 15 January, the KEA Library front desk will transform into Centre for Guidance and Academic Support to give you one single entry point to get help with a wide range of issues and tasks in your life as a student at KEA.

At the new centre you can: 

  • Find the books you need 
  • Connect with a Study & Career Advisor
  • Ask about your exchange options 
  • Find help and get assistance with your internship 
  • Improve your knowledge about student life in general! 

 A bright space with a great atmosphere 

The new centre resides in the open space at the KEA Library. It offers a sense of community and combines study activities and cosy relaxation. 

Even though the Centre for Guidance and Academic Support is placed at Guldbergsgade, it’s for all students at KEA to use and enjoy! 

We’re looking forward to seeing you!! 

Centre for Guidance and Academic Support

KEA Campus Guldbergsgade, Building A, First floor

Opening Hours:
Monday-Thursday 9-15
Friday 10-14

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