Emilie Normann from the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship and startup ByKop share their knowledge and experience about how growth is linked to sustainability. You will also gain knowledge on how to kickstart your own startup.

Emilie Normann is Head of Research, Analysis and Higher Education at the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship. For the webinar, she will talk about being an entrepreneur with a purpose and how to work with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as an entrepreneur. Emilie will also talk about the possibilities for funding for a sustainable startup, and you will get input on how you can articulate your vision and your thoughts to funds and investors.

ByKop are working on introducing Denmark’s first return-system for reusable to-go coffee cups. ByKop is also a part of KEA Startup Lab.

About ByKop

ByKop is an energetic company where we are working hard on introducing Denmark’s first return-system for reusable to-go coffee cups. In ByKop we want to unite all coffee shops in the bigger cities in Denmark in the same community and thereby making it possible for the consumer to buy a to-go cup in one café and take a walk and return it in another café.

With this new system we want to introduce an easy way for consumers and cafes to become more circular and environment friendly in their everyday life.