Pricing Mastery

Join our workshop, where we will guide you through crucial considerations regarding pricing in relation to your company's finances, benchmarks, and desired compensation level. We tailor tools and methods for beginners, helping you create a pricing strategy that is not only competitive but also sustainable.


Our workshop facilitates a dynamic learning environment where you actively participate in meaningful activities and gain practical tools to understand and optimize your pricing strategy. We focus on providing you with tools to analyze financial aspects, compare market prices, and set prices that reflect your value and ensure your company's profitability.


Get ready to fine-tune your pricing strategy and create a profitable business. Sign up now and receive the necessary guidance to master the art of effective pricing.


Annette Rye Larsen facilitates the workshop.

Language: Danish and English adapted to participants - depending on the composition of the audience.




GBG. A210, KEA Københavns Erhverv Akademiet, Guldbergsgade 29N, 2200 København, Denmark