Ethical Entrepreneur Hub

Join our workshop on 'Sustainability for Startups,' where we collectively explore the path to a more sustainable business practice. We go beyond the surface of green branding and focus on concrete steps you can take to integrate sustainability throughout your company.


Through practical examples and interactive exercises, you will learn to identify and implement sustainable solutions. From green business models to ethical sourcing, you will discover how sustainability can be both a driver of innovation and a market differentiator.

Transform your startup into a sustainable force for change. Sign up now and become part of the movement towards a more responsible and environmentally friendly future!


Jens Stanek facilitates the workshop.

Language: Danish and English, tailored to participants - depending on the composition of the audience.




GBG. A202, KEA Københavns Erhverv Akademiet, Guldbergsgade 29N, 2200 København, Denmark