Dear students.

The exam period is coming up and we will like to inform you of some the offers that may be relevant to you during this period.


You are always welcome to contact us in the Study and Career Guidance for guidance on exam rules, nervousness, or you general thoughts about your education

You can find our contact information at MIT.KEA.


Student Counselling Service (Studenterrådgivningen):

If you suspect you may be suffering from exam anxiety, you may benefit from the Student Counselling Service, which has several offers for students.

Student Counselling Service is a free offer for students in Denmark, and you can get help from a psychologist or social worker.


Student Counselling Service has developed an app called Exam Stress. It is designed to help you get through your exams with the best possible help.



At KEA'S LIBRARY you can find books on becoming a better student that focus on exams, reading strategies, and more.



The best of luck with your examinations.

KEA Study and Career Guidance

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