Here you can find guidelines and answers to the most common questions about how to behave at KEA during the covid-19 pandemic. This page will be updated regularly.

Although there are currently more people in society who are infected with Corona, the health authorities have relaxed guidelines and recommendations. At KEA, we follow the health authorities' guidelines and recommendations, as you can read on HTTPS://WWW.SST.DK/EN/ENGLISH/CORONA-ENG

In new guidelines for handling COVID-19, the Danish Health Authority emphasises that you should stay at home if you are ill with symptoms of respiratory infection, regardless of whether it is COVID-19, influenza or something else. If you have mild symptoms, such as a runny nose, a tickly throat, mild coughs, etc., but otherwise do not feel sick, you do not need to stay at home or get tested.

You should only be tested for COVID-19 if you have symptoms and if you are in a risk group and may benefit from early treatment against COVID-19.

In future, there are no special recommendations for isolation after a positive COVID-19 test, but if you are ill, you are recommended to stay at home until you are well again, so that you do not infect others. If your test is positive, but you don't feel sick, you don't have to stay home.