Do you have a visionary solution within recycling that you're eager to test? Imagine being a pioneer at Roskilde Festival, where the atmosphere pulsates with innovation and sustainability.

The Circular Lab opens its doors to the entire festival as your personal testing ground, allowing you to contribute to shaping the future of circular products and ideas. Over eight days, the festival becomes a magnet for 130,000 participants, serving as an epicenter for groundbreaking circular concepts. This is your opportunity to test your idea in a vibrant environment and gather invaluable insights into how guests interact with your solution.

If selected, Denmark's largest circular innovation lab welcomes you. Receive support to implement your test in the most exciting festival areas and become part of an inspiring network with Circular Lab partners and passionate entrepreneurs. Experience exposure to carefully selected target groups and participate in engaging test workshops before, during, and after the festival. Additionally, doors open to opportunities for funding adjustments to your prototypes.

We expect you to fully commit as a participant—share your acquired knowledge, invest your energy in the test, uphold the agreed contracts, and join exciting preparatory workshops.

This is your invitation to take the first step toward a circular future. To apply and gain more information, follow the link HERE and explore how you can be a trailblazer for this groundbreaking initiative.

Let's together create a more sustainable world. Are you ready to join