The pre-graduate programme is for you, who graduate from BEIT, D&B or JTB in 2022 and want to strenghten your professional profile so you are ahead in your job search for a relevant full-time position in Denmark.

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The pre-graduate programme consists of:

  • Four workshops, providing you with concrete tools for your job search
  • The opportunity to visit companies within the business, who are interested in hiring international graduates from KEA
  • The opportunity to get a mentor, who can guide you in your job search

Dates and times:

The workshops take place on November 9, November 16, November 23 and November 30 at 15:30-17:30, so remember to save the time and dates.

Workshops and takeaways:

November 9 at 15:30-17:30: Personal Branding on LinkedIn

  • Takeaway: You know how to improve your LinkedIn profile, broaden your network and get seen by recruiters

November 16 at 15:30-17:30: Hidden Global Competencies - How to make your international background a competitive advantage?

  • Takeaway: When you are able to identify you "hidden international competences", you'll be actively engaged in pitching it for a potential recruiter.

November 23 at 15:30-17:30: SMART goals and action plan

  • Takeaway: You have a personal SMART goal list and action ready to use in your job search

November 30 at 15:30-17:30: How to get a job in Denmark

  • Takeaway: You know how to contact a Danish company and how to prepare for your next job interview

About the mentorship programme

It's optional, if you want to get a mentor during the programme.

A mentor is an alumni/graduate from KEA, who volunteered to share insights on how to get a job in Denmark.

A mentee is a KEA pre-graduate in search for input on how to get a full-time job within the business. As a mentee, you are expected to take initiative to plan meetings and prepare the agenda. You can discuss job search issues with the mentor, be challenged, get feedback and encouragement.