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Personal Branding on LinkedIn

Are you a student on your last semester of international Production Technology, Software Development or Web Development? Then join the pre-graduate programme and strengthen your professional profile through events such as the workshop: Personal Branding on LinkedIn.

Personal Branding on LinkedIn
Takeaway: You know how to improve your LinkedIn profile, broaden your network and get seen by recruiters.



If you have missed the deadline but still want to be a part of the programme, you can write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up.


Workshops and takeaways:

  1. 27 April 15:30-17:00 - Hidden Global Competencies - How to make your international background a competitive advantage?
    Takeaway: Here you will learn identify and express the relevant skills your international experience and background has given you and the extra value you as an international candidate can add to their company. This will give you a competitive advantage on today's job market.
  2. 4 May 15:30-17:00 – How to get a job in Denmark
    Takeaway: You get to know how to contact a Danish company and how to prepare for your next job interview.
  3. 11 May 15:30-17:00 – SMART goals and action plan
    Takeaway: You have a personal SMART goal list and action plan ready to use in your job search
  4. 18 May 15:30-17:00 – Personal Branding on LinkedIn
    Takeaway: You learn how you improve your LinkedIn profile, broaden your network and get seen by recruiters.

Company visits

Dates for the company visits will be announced continuously.

Mentoring is an optional part of the programme, but getting a mentor can help you get ahead in your job search as mentors help you by sharing their insights on how to get a job in Denmark!