At KEA, we have worked on building a new intranet for you as a student. Now it's ready. We call it MyKEA.

The new intranet replaces the room on Fronter that you have known as StudentInfo.

The information on MyKEA is streamlined, and we have tried to gather answers to the most common questions in one place: the Study Guide. In the Study Guide you can find everything from information about exams over study bars to studying abroad.

The Study Guide contains information that is relevant no matter what programme you are attending at KEA.

Each programme has its own page as well. Here you can find information that is relevant to your particular programme. You can find a link to KEA's subject catalog, information about your study and career counselor, internship coordinator and your head of programme, and much more.

The new intranet is constantly evolving, and you will therefore see ongoing changes throughout the autumn while we are optimizing the content.

From study start KEA moves to a new Fronter platform. StudentInfo will therefore no longer be updated. However, you can still find old information on StudentInfo until the end of the year.