We are proud to announce a new sign-up round for our Mentorship Programme,meant to assist KEA students in finding a relevant internship or a job in Denmark.

Our primary goal is to retain international students on the Danish labour market.

The mentorship programme is offered to:

  • 2nd semester and onwards International students, looking for relevant study jobs
  • Students looking for internship in Denmark
  • Students in their last semester, looking for a full-time job in Denmark within their area after graduation

You, as KEA Student, can sign-up as a Mentee, while our Alumni/Graduates sign-up as Mentors.

The mentors will try their best to help the mentees improve their career prospects, give insight into a particular industry and help you expand your professional network.

Please check www.kea.dk/mentor, where you can read more about the role of the mentor and the mentee, find overall guidelines and recommendations and sign-up as a mentee.