Are your internship already well underway or are you looking forward to your upcoming internship? Perhaps your internship is even such a success that you want to give your internship company a well-deserved extra pat on the back?  

At KEA, we award the KEA Internship of the Year every spring. Everyone who does their internship in the fall 2022 or in the spring 2023 can nominate their internship company for the 2023 award. In this way, you have the opportunity to give your internship company extra recognition if they have created the best internship for you.   

The KEA Internship of the Year award is basically a tribute to the business community and a recognition of their willingness to take in students like you and help them in their further development. Onårets-kea-praktik you will find further information about the internship award, the nomination process and assessment criteria. However, the text is only in Danish, but hopefully some of your Danish speaking friends can help you translate. This page is where you will also find the nomination form to nominate your internship company. You can nominate your company right up until spring. The date of the nomination deadline will be published on the website during the spring internship period.  

Below, you’ll find examples of previous nominees: