Presentations / pitchdeck workshop

Pitch is a word you've probably heard many times, but do you really know how you would do it yourself? Or maybe you want to be even better?

Pitching is one of the most important means if you want to communicate your startup to the world. Your pitch can be both short, like an elevator pitch, or one of the slightly longer ones.

If you want more knowledge and training, come to pitch training with KEA Startup Hub and start the year off with a gift for yourself.

You can find us in Startup Hubben at PCG.C006 (sandbox)

Come and join us for an insightful, creative, cozy and informal afternoon.

Happy pitching!


Our startup hub manager, Annette Rye Larsen, facilitates this workshop

Language: Danish and English adapted to the participants


KEA Startup Hub - PCG - C006, Prinsesse Charlottes Gade 38, 2200 København, Denmark